Aquatics, Bocce & Irene


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Aquatics, Bocce and Irene – I was surprised when Irene told me she was 93 years old. She walked quickly from her home to the car, and didn’t need any assistance getting onto the backseat. We were on our way to a senior care facility. At first, I misjudged that she had been visiting someone and was now on her way back home to the assisted living center. Wrong. She lived alone and was going to her Aquatics class. Tomorrow, she would play in her Bocce League. 93. Amazing. She informed me that any resident from the county could join the center. If I didn’t live in the county, she would sponsor me and the cost was only $100 per year. Thank you, Irene, for showing me there is a path to a long life that can be happy and full, even if I live alone.

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