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A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, I moved about the Northeast and Midwest with corporate America for many years. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1985 and homesteaded. I don’t plan to relocate, although I miss my roots of my hometown and wish that someday I could afford a summer home there. Until then, I’m a softball-playin’ fool. I often joke with my team mates that I’m getting younger every day. Oh, how I wish…

I’ve been a writer of one type or another since a young boy. At age eight, I printed, or should say handwrote, a daily one-page newspaper for my neighborhood. Ten copies. Took me hours. A penny for each, and I bought two packages of baseball cards after each “publication.” This was the start of my baseball memorabilia phase. One day, Mrs. Autumn Lee, who worked in an office, volunteered to run mimeographed copies for me. Aah, the aroma. I doubled my circulation that summer and have been thankful to her ever since. Mrs. Lee, I’ll always love you.

Since then, I always found time to write and became active in the literary community in Atlanta. In fact, I proudly served a term as President of The Atlanta Writers Club.

I encourage you to read my short blurbs about my life as a rideshare driver, “Tales from the Backseat,” posted elsewhere on this site. They are observations from my former part-time job as a driver and I loved going out and meeting new people, as long as our relationship was in short increments.

Most recently, my focus is senior softball and the legends who still play this game. I’m honored to stand among them, and while my skills are adequate, many of these players are still phenomenal athletes at ages well past seventy and into their 90th year and beyond!

I now focus on enjoying retirement, which involves many hours of senior softball, lots of karaoke singing, and of course, I still am passionate about feeding almost gourmet delicacies to my friends and neighbors. While I am comfortable with my most recent primary love, softball, I remain steadfast in my search for a more tangible female human to help balance me. I recognize and accept that as unlikely task.

In the meantime, please make sure you are following me on Instagram at Instagram.com/Martyatl.

And if we’re not yet friends on Facebook, please invite me at Facebook.com/martyaftewicz. I admit I am not as active on FB as I once was, so Instagram and my website are a great place to find me.

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