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A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, I moved about the Northeast and Midwest with corporate America for many years. I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1985 and homesteaded. I don’t plan to relocate, although I miss my roots of my hometown and wish that someday I could afford a summer home there. That seems unlikely at this point in my financial outlook but we keep living incentivized by our dreams.

I’ve been a writer of one type or another since a young boy. At age eight, I printed, or should say handwrote a daily one-page newspaper for my neighborhood. Ten copies. Took me hours. A penny for each and I bought two packages of baseball cards after each “publication.” This was the start of my baseball memorabilia phase. One day, Mrs. Autumn Lee, who worked in an office, volunteered to run mimeographed copies for me. Aah, the aroma. I doubled my circulation that summer and have been thankful to her ever since. Mrs. Lee, I’ll always love you.

I’ve published a short story in a magazine, co-authored an award-winning children’s book, Jake and the Tiger Flight, and wrote many free-lance articles. I also have a few completed manuscripts in my literary cupboard, and I most enjoy writing about small towns with a touch of humor and a large dose of hope.

I encourage you to read my short blurbs about my life as a rideshare driver, “Tales from the Backseat,” posted elsewhere on this site. They are observations from my part-time job as a driver and I love going out and meeting new people, as long as our relationship is in short increments.

I also have a section dedicated to small towns, and urge my readers to tell me about their small town and how it could come back. What would it take? Send me some photos of your small town and I will do my best to post them all.

In the meantime, please make sure you are following me on Instagram at Instagram.com/Martyatl.

And if we’re not yet friends on Facebook, please invite me at Facebook.com/martyaftewicz.

Oh, yes. I’m supposed to add that I live alone in a suburban home of Atlanta where I continue to refine my karaoke skills and cook experimentally for friends. How I do enjoy cooking!

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